Tractor units

Tractor units

Our main suppliers of tractor units are Scania, Iveco and Mercedes.

Entire fleet is constantly monitored by a modern telematics system used in vehicles, allowing the use of modern technology by:

  • mobile network,
  • satellite navigation systems,
  • geographical and road databases that make it easy to monitor every transport from loading to unloading with full precision.

All our drivers have phones, so we ensure constant contact with the driver. It is also possible to receive delivery documents in the form of photos.

Being aware that customers expect trouble-free vehicles and their impeccable aesthetics, the company's management decided to buy only new cars straight from authorized showrooms.

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The suppliers of our semi-trailers are the German companies Schmitz and Krone.

We have semi-trailers with the following loading parameters:

  • classic with a loading of 33 euro-pallets,
  • doppelstock semi-trailers with loading capacity of 66 euro-pallets,
  • two-chamber semi-trailers type bitemp. 

We feel responsible for how we affect the environment, which is why our trucks kits meet the strict Euro 6 emission standards.